Petition Update

Keep Keeping Going!

michael usher
edinburgh, United Kingdom

Apr 10, 2013 — Hi, Thanks to everyone that's already signed my petition. The petition has reached and been signed by six and a half thousand people in the last 24 hours. If we're going to have any effect though we need a lot more. Please share or tweet about the petition wherever you can on social media. Ask all your email contacts to sign. If you have access to news sites paste it up there too. Email your MP and local councillors and ask them to sign. (even if they're tories!) Send a link to any organisations you think might support or publicise the campaign in any way. Even send links to groups that you think might be against this petition. In their horror they may well give us more publicity out of disgust! Do everything you can to keep this petition up there in the public view! And remember, keep it as polite as you can. It's not about disrespecting the dead, it's about NOT wasting public money on something that is frankly an insult to the British public. Thatcher's family have every right to the