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Recognise that non white Brits are currently being terrorised

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A man was murdered. The motives for his attack were touted as being of a terrorist nature. "An unprecedented attack" on British soil. We know this is not true, in 1974 the IRA launched a year long mainland campaign during which four British soldiers lost their lives, at the Woolwich Barracks not far from where Lee Rigby was murdered.

There has been a 900% increase in Anti Muslim violence in the UK in the last THREE DAYS. 162 individuals harmed and 9 mosques attacked. These are the figures being reported but there must be many more people of 'a Muslim appearance' experiencing harassment and abuse from the increasing fash on our streets.

The media and government have so far resisted referring to these attacks as terrorism. When people are terrified of 'looking Muslim' i.e not white, afraid to leave their homes for fear of attack, what do we call that? Is that not also terrorism?

Terrorism: The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

That is what is happening on our streets right now. Let's call terrorism every time we see it, not just when white folk are affected.

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