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The British Goverment: Stop shops displaying sexually explicit magazines

The images on the covers of "lads mags" and certain newspapers are becoming more and more sexually explicit, often crossing the boundaries of pornography, yet they are openly displayed in shops, garages and newsagents all over the country, often right next to children's comics or a childrens eye-level. While there is a market for such material, it should be placed out of sight, with only the title on show, as to protect the innocence of our young children. Most people agree that children are becoming sexualised at alarmingly young ages but it is hardly surprising when sexual images are openly displayed in child-friendly places. Please take a stand against the over-sexualisation of children and sign this petition today. Your signature will add weight to the campaign when it is taken to retailers and the government to challenge them on this matter.

Letter to
Children's Minister Edward Timpson
Prime Minister David Cameron
We are appealing to you on the behalf of our children to bring in legislation that prevents retailers from displaying magazines and newspapers that have sexually explicit images and nudity on their front covers. We ask that for the sake of our children's innocence, and to prevent them from being subjected to overly-sexualised images at young ages, you will ensure retailers display only the titles of these magazines and newspapers so that those who want to buy them can see them, but other people and children are not exposed to their explicit content.