Speed control in Stenalees after the death of yet another cat

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Stephanie Wilson
Stephanie Wilson signed this petition

On 15th July 2019, my beautiful cat Cookie (tabby cross bengal) was killed on the main road in Stenalees, St Austell by a careless motorist speeding through a 30 zone. CCTV shows no attempt to stop before or after hitting her. Poor girl was killed on impact and some lovely neighbors went door to door to find the owner. Cookie was only 1 years old and her beloved sister, Nova (black and white), is distraught. As are we. Police aren't interested because its "just a cat" which is infuriating. She was part of my family, loved by all, cruelly taken by someone thinking they're above the speed limit.


This petition is to get the council to understand just how dangerously people drive along this road. Whether its speed bumps or cameras, some kind of measures need to be put in place to stop this from happening.


Cookie is NOT the first cat killed on this road, certainly won't be the last. My daughter has nearly been hit in her buggy several times. What will it take for the council to listen? Please sign and help make a change.