End Grant Scam in Nigeria Now

End Grant Scam in Nigeria Now

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Started by Mr. Joe

Since 2016, over 40% percent of the less privileged persons in Nigeria have been scammed by NGOs who claimed grants were sourced into the country to help alleviate the masses from poverty.

There are almost 30 grant programmes that have previously existed/still exist, yet non has delivered.

The most bitter part of it is the less privileged have been extorted severally and are still being extorted due to high level of poverty that has made them more gullible and hopeful for grant promises that are never ending.

Yet  the government remains indifferent.

More NGOs are rising up with more grant scams, hence making our gullible people to keep desperately spending more money in the name of grant registration (among other cumulative  charges).

If grant scam is not stopped in Africa's largest country now, there will be more death, untold hardship, increase in crime and prostitution, among others.

We therefore, call on relevant authorities and media houses around the world to come to our aid.

Life is difficult in Africa.

Thank you.

Mr. Joe.

58 have signed. Let’s get to 100!