Do not allow any unqualified teachers to teach

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I know multiple teachers that are not qualified to teach, absolutely no qualifications.

As of 2012 the law was changed to have any one teach a subject without a degree in teaching. A lot of people will say this is wrong because what’s the point in teaching a subject you may not be entirely strong in. Some may say it’s a good idea because of staffing issues. However, children’s education is being put at risk. Many children may not attend school/ college or university because their tutor/ teacher is unqualified and can not proffesionally teach the subject.

I see this as being almost a break to ‘The right to education Act 2009’ every child should have the right to proper education. The reason I believe this is because many students feel they are not being taught correctly when teachers teach without a qualification because teaching is not an easy thing to do, how are students meant to feel comfortable completing a GCSE, BTEC, A-Level or Diploma when their teacher may not be entirely correct maybe in the words they are speaking to the students or maybe with the marking they give to the student. Without a teaching degree it is merely impossible to fully teach a subject to the right extent that the child can succeed in.

I believe that the Head Teacher should have to fully check the employee’s qualifications and see what they actually have to show and make the school have a good presentation rather than having no qualification to teach. If this succeeds then every child in education will have a better chance to be who they want to be. And if this does not succeed then Britain’s education may be put at stake with many teachers not leading students correctly to successive education.

I chose to create this petition because I believe that students should have an education to be able to succeed in what they aspire to do in their future career, to crush a child’s dream by not having the correct GCSEs or qualification to succeed in their aspired career may be extremely devastating for a child, this should be changed for British society and the British community. 

Please take this into full account and understand where I am coming from and why so want to improve education.