Criminalisation of discrimination against Picnic bar lovers.

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For years, picnic bar lovers like myself have been discriminated and even segregated for their love of the delicious, scrumptious, pure treat that is the Picnic bar. This discrimination only adds to the pressure put on young people to be 'normal' and often causes feelings of severe loneliness and isolation as well as causing a vast range of mental health problems including anxiety and depression. We have to put an end to this perspective on such an innocent treat! I am calling for the criminalisation of discrimination against people for liking Picnic bars. The laws would be similar to those which are currently in place for people who discriminate or mistreat members of the LGBTQ+ community or people of a different race than the offender! Join the large ( yet defenceless) community of picnic bar lovers today and END unnecessary discrimination which is turning YOUR SOCIETY VIOLENT!