Community 'Safe' Zones for the homeless.

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Community 'Safe' Zones for the homeless.

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Restructuring the Homeless System in England. 

The concept behind my 5 tier program for the homeless is to re-categorise all the homeless on the streets.  Starting with London and once established moving on to all other affected inner cities within the UK.

The key principle of the program is that each individual will each be categorised into one of five separate tiers.  Each tier will be specifically designed for each person’s needs, where specialised help can be designated to each tier.

Another key principle of the 5 Tier Program is to keep the homeless moving around until they are ready to be voluntarily and permanently placed in secure housing so they do not find themselves stagnating and becoming attached to groups of people where they may be easily able to access excessive quantities of alcohol and/or drugs and which could force them into becoming associated with undesirables and/or ending up in drug rehabilitation, prison, hospital or much worse.

One of the underlying problems with being homeless, is that they often find themselvesattaching to groups so as not to be alone. These groups share with each other and look out for each other but it can lead to getting used to life on the streets together.  This results in them not getting the help they need and they end up lost in the system.



Tier 5

For tier 5 we need land designated by the council to build the COMMUNITY ZONES using the sustainable recycled glass bottles. These will not only be a ‘works of art’ but most importantly ‘safe zones’ where the homeless can find care, food and advice.

People that have become recently homeless will be admitted or of their own accord to the wine bottle designated 'safe' zone or COMMUNITY ZONE and will receive the  specific help that they need.

Homeless charities will come here and take a register of who is there and what their needs are.  They are also free to supply food, water, clothing and any primary medical treatment necessary.


I have created an ecologically sustainable house made from re-cycled wine bottles in order to create our COMMUNITY ZONES.  The Community Zones will be sheltered areas where homeless people can come for food, temporary shelter and receive basic medical attention.  They will then be evaluated and given the appropriate guidance and counselling. It will also act as a safe-house and an area for quiet reflection. There is an example of the Wine Bottle House in the title picture of this petition.

Our volunteers will facilitate this system of initial evaluation whilst inviting members of the community to donate food and clothing as well as being offered the opportunity to become part of the program.

The Community Zones will be as self sufficient as possible running mainly on donations and solar powers.  We will store more power than requires to run the project and we will then sell-on the spare energy back to the suppliers and use the money to sustain tier 5. 

We will approach building company's for donations of building materials as well as recruiting volunteers from the construction industry.

We will also create a web page portal for collections on shoes and clothing and to raise money to place in to a fund, to buy people within the 5 tiers, new work and interview clothing and shoes.  We already have in place a team of volunteers that will be helping the homeless prepare for getting back into the workplace.

We will be organising an ‘odd sock’ collection at Universities and other educational facilities to collect odd socks to be repaired and relatively matched up to be made available at the Tier 5 Community Zone. We will set up shower and toilet facilities and laundry ‘pop up’ washers and dryer will be placed on site as well.

Turtle Doves will be donating scrap fabric for the uni and college students to make blankets from.

And finally we will be organising food collections with the schools, local church, scout, guide groups.

Tier 5 will be run entirely by volunteers from the community.
The team will meet once a month where we will allocate jobs within the community, helping people re-habilitate themselves back into the working environment giving them a purpose and a role within the community.

Our commitment will be take the time to listen to each individual and find out their specific needs. This way we can help them correctly to re-join society by giving them the real help they individually they need and giving them something to aspire to, or even just some one to talk to.

This Personal Care is what is so badly lacking in the current homeless care system.


· Drug Rehabilitation 
· AA Meetings
· Depression Counselling 
· English Language skills  
· Medical Care
· Career Advice and Opportunities 

DK Casting and Magnificent Films will be offering work experience and will accept people from within tier 1 to 4, to be film andTV extras and also training opportunities within the Film and Television industry.

PEOPLE for the PEOPLE help each other.
We will also l encourage the homeless to help us to create more sustainable ‘Community Zones’ and learn to work together within the 5 tiers to give them the aspiration to achieve by helping others who are in a similar situation to themselves.

There are 385,000 bed spaces in hostels for single homeless people. Yet 2,744 people are still sleeping rough on the streets of London according to the 2014 homeless statistics.

According to Crisis’s statistics, 7,581 people slept on the streets at some point last year, yet there were approximately 218,000 empty properties in 2015. These are 2015 statistics from The Daily Telegraph’s homeless report. If the relevant council provided the 5 Tier Program 0.035% of the properties. We would would significantly reduce the number of homeless and you would still have 200,000 available properties for additional community housing.

NO-ONE should be homeless and the hostels that currently exist are simply not adequately set up to deal with the specific and individual needs that homeless people on the street have.

What I propose in this paper is that all hostels and homeless charities link with the 5 Tier Program so we can re-categorise everyone who does not have a home.  NEWLY HOMELESS people that come to tier 5 will be interviewed by the team and they will be allocated to either tier1, 2, 3 or 4,  whichever is appropriate.

This will create a lot less pressure on the councils and result in less properties and hostels being un-necessarily overcrowded with people who are not quite ready to be housed or that do not want to be housed, it will also lead to alot less strain on NHS, The Police, Welfare and the volunteer's currently trying to aid the homeless.

Information of the rest of the 5 Tier Program is available on request from:


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