Badges for Parent & Child parking spaces

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As a new mother of 3 months I find it incredibly inconsiderate and frustrating when people decide to park in parent and child parking bays purely for their convenience of either not getting their car knocked or out of pure laziness. When I don’t have my daughter I do not park in these spaces, I don’t see why other people should. The spaces are to make it easier for parents to get the car seat and pram out without a struggle and for it too be safe for the child. The amount of people I see parking in these spaces without a child is unbelievable. Three times this week I have had to park in a normal bay and struggle to get my baby out of the car without hitting people’s car doors and without a struggle and when returning too my car I’ve had to wait for the car next to me to leave (I’ve waited up too two hours) As there wasn’t enough room to put a car seat back in the car. Blue badges are issued to people with disabilities for disability spaces and I believe the same should be done with parents up too a reasonable age. I would never park in a disabled bay and I hope no one else does, there for I don’t see why the parent child ones should be either. 

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