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Expose all individual Paedophiles, bring them to fitting Justice!

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The Authorities and Governments plus other large corporate organisiations in Great Britain have been protecting and ignoring large paedophile rings, because of the negative impact this would have on their credibility! Numerous, Policemen, Politicians, Celebrities, Social Workers and Care Workers are all involved. This is not just one small incident concerning Jimmy Saville, IT IS WIDESPREAD SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN! CHILDREN!!!! I would ask you to look at your own child. Your 2 yr old, 3 yr old, 8 year old....Imagine if you have the stomach for it, that they are being held down screaming while another man mounts them and forces their penis into them...
No, too much for you to bear?? THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN ,AND STILL IS ,HAPPENING TO CHILDREN ' IN THIS VERY COUNTRY !! I suggest you stop making stupid 'Jimmy Saville' jokes and take a stand against this.
This is not some random petition as we regularly see on social network sites. By signing this you can lever the Governments into putting a stop to this once and for all. They need to weed out their own Government Politicians who are part of this , who because of their involvement are a great National security risk from other Countries, they are open to blackmail from foreign interests that may want to harm this Country.
But mostly we need to protect our children from this terrible abuse. This both physically and mentally damages the child and wrecks a childs life...
Please let each one of us sign this petition and put the might of every British Citizen to force our Government to put a stop to this! It takes but a minute of your life to do this, it will be the most single important thing you have done in your life! Thank you.

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