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Martial Law? or Martial Law!: Mindanaoan's Crisis

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“It is better to be feared than to be loved.” -Machiavelli

“Know your allies and troops first before knowing your enemies.” -Sun Tzu

“In September 23, 1972… I now declare Martial Law.” -Ferdinand Marcos

“Philippines is a country of citizens afraid of martial rule for the people are easily influenced by huge personalities showing disagreement to it.” -Anonymous

Upon reading this, answer this question: Did you experience the 1972 Martial Law?

It is already obvious that you did not experience this era of Martial Law because of the fact that you are not yet born in that time or before on that time.

Marawi is now in temporary crisis. The Philippine government troops are doing their very best in eradicating these evils within the proximity of Marawi. But, are the people outside Marawi safe? Are the people of Mindanao safe? Upon using common sense and literal analogy, it is right to say the people outside Marawi safe, also the people of Mindanao. But how can it assure that the evils are not lurking beside a certain person or group in the population. You can tell directly that the people of Mindanao are safe but you are not sure of how. This paradoxical situation made a great misinterpretation which only people outside Mindanao are influenced.

In human philosophy, if you are not sure of that then you tend to make another which is opposite to the first thing you came up. This will result to two terms opposite to each other but not criticized by other people. The time these terms are analyzed and criticized by other people, the term with the most support wins. This is what happened in the understanding of Martial Law implementation in Mindanao to protect the people living in the state. Filipinos are masters in flocking to each other if they have the same answers in life. The people with the power can manipulate using money and technology easily if he or she already started. Wew, Filipinos.

We are Mindanaoans, and we know that Martial Law which was implemented by Duterte isn`t cruel, twisted, and wicked. We feel safer now than before not only from the threats of terrorists groups but also from criminality. Dear Filipinos and foreigners living outside Mindanao which misinterprets Martial Law here as “bad” and “unnecessary”, please come here and experience.

“We think before we act. It is somewhat inevitable. The problem is that we forget our thought and act directly. Also, we fully remember what we are thinking and we forget what we will be truly doing. Also, this is somewhat inevitable. The non-inevitable is fully acting after fully thinking.” -Khalil

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