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Our school needs to learn to practice what it preaches and treat all of its students equally and with respect

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I am a student Bridgewater Raritan High School and has come to my attention that my school, the one that is always preaching about certain things like anti bullying, and anti discrimination, and equal rights is being completely unfair to a certain individual. Let me elaborate. My school has these superlatives it does for the seniors on the year book every year where students get to vote for who they want to win in each category. By a substantial amount of votes, Samantha Schwartz won the category for "Biggest Transformation Since Freshman Year." Now, some of you may be wondering, what is so bad about that? Well, here is the deal. A slip was issued to her homeroom teachers box, which he took and gave to Mr Charleston, also known as our schools Principal. He did not want to give it to her because he wanted to look out for her best interest. The school administrators began debating the situation until it they came to the conclusion that: "This was not a grey area, it was black and white, so no." Without the consent from the senior class, the administrators decided to decline Sam the following superlative, implying that she could not win because of the fact that it was a transformation of orientation roles, even though she rightfully deserved it. Senior superlatives have always been a student run election and this is the first time in years that the administrators have become involved. The unfairness of the situation has outraged many of the students, and even people outside of the school. There is a great amount of people trying to fight for Sam to not only get the award she won fair and square, but to make a change. Everyone should be treated equally because we are all human beings. It should not matter what the orientation of a person is, or the race, or if they are skinny or fat, or tall or short. None of that should matter. We may look one way on the outside but on the inside we are all the same. What is the point of having all of those posters around school telling us not to bully, telling us not to discriminate, or telling us to treat everyone equally? What is the point of preaching something and not going by it? All this school cares about is it's "precious" reputation and it's high class education when in reality, it's not as great as it puts out to be. The amount of people supporting Sam and fighting by her side is growing within Bridgewater Raritan students. The majority of her supporters have been trying to make #SupportTheSchwartz trend on twitter. Some have also made posters and shirts while others have been emailing Ellen Degenerous trying to get this story on her show because she of all people must understand what Sam is going through at this very moment. There are even people contacting different news channels. All this is being accomplished because we not only care about Sam, but we believe that what the school is doing is deliberately unfair. Everyone needs to know how unjust this school really is an put a stop to discrimination of any sort. Samantha Schwartz is not only an amazing student, but she has shown just how selfless, and strong she is. She isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She shows just how wonderful she is inside and out and deserves this award. This issue originated affecting just the seniors, but now it is affecting the entire school and even the community. It would mean so much to me, Sam and the rest of the student body of Bridgewater Raritan High School if we had your support. Please help us make this change. If she won the votes she should be awarded the superlative, simple as that. Don't let your son or daughter be the next victim of discrimination of any kind at this school. Things will not change if you just sit around and wait for them to change. You have to make it happen. Even if you are not involved what so ever, take a second to sign this. Every signature counts.

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