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Petitioning The ministry of human rights in Brazil

The Brazilian Government: Listen to your people! Do not repress peaceful manifestations of democracy!


As you are reading this, there are protest going on in Brazil. The Brazilian media is being censured. Websites that express the true situation by people who have been victims of police brutality are being taken down. Their government is refusing to acknowledge any of this, and their president has not made a statement about the situation.

What is it that Brazil is protesting for, you may ask?

-They want the end of police brutality

-They want better conditions in public transportation, public hospitals, and schools

-They want the government to listen to its people, and not repress peaceful manifestations of democracy

-They want justice for those who were hurt by police brutality in what started as a peaceful manifestation against the raising of the prices of what may be one of the worst public transportation systems in the world

-They want some of the funds that have been used for the World Cup (including the building of the most expensive arena ever to host a world cup - costing 1.2 billion) to be used for necessary things such as fighting hunger and poverty

-They want their media not to be censured and to expose the reality of the country

Don't turn your back on these people. Don't look away because they aren't your people and it's not your country. This is HUMAN RIGHTS we are talking about. It is important; we need to stand up and take notice. As human beings, brothers & sisters of the human race, we have an obligation to help others who are in distress. So sign the petition, bring attention to the Brazilian government for its wrong doings, and help create change for Brazil. 

Letter to
The ministry of human rights in Brazil
We ask that you listen to your people. Do not repress peaceful manifestations of democracy. You are denying your citizens a basic human right by not letting them protest peacefully and demand for change in Brazil. Something must be done to put a stop to the police brutality towards the Brazilian citizens in your country.