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Lift the ban on gays participating in scouting.

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Recently, the Boy Scouts of America chose to uphold its policy banning gays from participating in scouting in any way. This is not only morally wrong, but it runs contrary to the ideas and values scouting seeks to support.

The National Eagle Scout Association says that the three aims of scouting are “character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness.” It mentions nothing about sexual orientation.

In the Scout Oath, a scout promises to keep himself "morally straight." It does not say sexually straight. In fact, banning a scout for who they are, for what their morals and beliefs are, is a direct contradiction to the Scout Oath.

Some have argued that allowing gays in scouting would make straight scouts feel extremely uncomfortable, but there are many openly gay scouts (even Eagle Scouts) whose troops and peers are perfectly comfortable interacting with their friend, no matter their sexual orientation. The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell had no discernable effect on the military, and allowing gays to openly participate in scouting would have no discernable effect on scouting.

Scouting isn't meant to be a safe-haven for straight boys, it is meant to develop their character. The world is full of gays, and trying to develop a boy's character with a false perception of the world will only be doing him harm.

Our request is simple. We ask that you remove this restrictive policy and allow ALL scouts (and scouters) to participate in scouting, regardless of their sexual orientation.

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