Do Not Remove Boston School Police Officers

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I am writing this to express my support for The Boston School police department. As I’ve scrolled through social media the past couple of days I’ve come across posts in support of getting rid of Boston School police officers. While I know firsthand as an African American woman, times are very hard right now; I do not support this notion. I do not believe Boston School Police should be punished for the disgusting behavior of those officers in Minnesota. 

They put their lives on the line daily to protect students if/when mayhem arrives and it would be outrageous to remove the 24/7 safety net from schools. Boston School police officers are unarmed; meaning they cannot pose an in-house safety risk to our students but they can and will help coordinate the safest route for students in the event of an emergency. 

Once the world returns to “the new norm” people that are out to cause harm to others will remain the same and keeping our students safe from these individuals should be one of our first priorities. I know Boston School Police officers firsthand that care for the safety of each student in their schools; they make it their utmost duty to protect these students as they should. I believe extended use of force training will ensure officers are trained properly.

While Boston police would absolutely respond to school disturbances; they will not always be able to have a response time as fast as the Boston School police officer whom is already onsite.  I began this petition with high hopes that the Boston School committee will reconsider this decision for the safety of our children. Please join me in my fight by signing this petition.