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Boston Globe Spotlight Team: Please Cover America's Family Courts

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America's Modern Family Courts are a mess. Innocent parents are going to jail for missed support payments they can't  afford to make or for posting on family court website and blogs.

Over the past five years social media has exploded with desperate citizens seeking help and transparency to expose what is really going on in family courts.

Children are suffering by being placed with abusive parents who can afford hefty legal bills, as  parents with no money or lawyer are losing their children and property for no reason at all.

Publishers across the nation can't afford to cover the messy personal issues associated with divorce.

California's State Bar is fraught with lawyers not acting in the best interest of anything but  their pocketbooks and an underdisciplined judiciary is ill equipped to deal with the complex issues facing people in today's family courts, where 70% of litigants can't afford lawyers to  address the legal issues connected with their property, retirement and children.

As newspapers fold across the country and  journalists are financially pressured to perform the daily deadline grind, few true investigative  reporters remain in communities to keep an eye on the courts, local government and all the players who are running amok with public funds.

Today's traditional press simply can't afford to cover family courts and communities where these courts operate can't afford for the press not to. Every year thousands of desperate  families are reaching out to reporters to cover their family law stories, and are being ignored or turned away.

A California publisher is reaching out to her colleagues  across the country, and has assembled a team of reporters, lawyers, activists and researchers who have applied  for the Boston Glob's prestigious 2017 Spotlight Fellowship.  The publisher is also reaching out to the investigative teams in San Francisco, New York and Chicago, where family courts are terribly broken.

Please sign this petition to show mainstream media that family court issues  need to be covered in the press.  Transparency in family courts will change everything.





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