Petition Closed

When Joseph Maddy opened the Interlochen Arts Camp in 1928 he did so with the desire to create and honor a rich tradition of intellectual and creative exploration in the arts. Interlochen's own motto, dedicating its purpose to the promotion of world freedom through the universal language of the arts, celebrates and illuminates the goals of this rich tradition. By resolving to renovate and remodel the camp's cabin facilities, Jeffrey Kimpton and the member's of Interlochen's administration have contradicted the core values that Joe Maddy lived for. By signing the above petition we acknowledge that Interlochen is a place where tradition is a keystone value and deem these changes unacceptable.

Letter to
Jeffrey S. Kimpton The Board of Trustees of the Interlochen Center for the Arts
We ask that you stop the destruction of over 80 years of Interlochen's history with the remodel and renovation of the camp's cabin facilities. As members of the community who helped to build this tradition, we know these spaces to be integral to the Interlochen experience as well as to the way that Interlochen changed our lives many years ago. If deemed unsuitable for continued use, these cabins must not be destroyed or altered, but preserved to honor the legacy of the many Interlochen campers who have spent their summers creating, living, and learning within them.