Don't Fire Jacob Lawson, Music Arts Teacher HTHS

Don't Fire Jacob Lawson, Music Arts Teacher HTHS

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On Tuesday, October 29, 2019 The Hudson County Schools of technology board of directors and head administration issued a non-tenured renewal letter to our music and audio tech teacher Mr. Jacob Lawson. The letter is informing him that his contract will not be renewed and his last day of work will be January 31, 2020. We have created this petition for parents and students to sign to present to the board and head of administration to reconsider this decision. Mr. Lawson is a highly qualified music instructor who has been a vital asset to the Performing Arts Program. Mr. Lawson's role in educating our students how to prepare for their future as singers and musicians is invaluable.

We urgently request that you postpone any decision on Mr. Lawson's status until you can present your explanations to the parents at a time they can reasonably attend, after the working day has ended.

We have important questions about how a staffing plan and budget could change so abruptly after it was presented to the parents so clearly in August, less than three months ago. We also have serious concerns about the effect this gap in staffing will have on a program that is already understaffed, as well as the impact this kind of sudden termination can have on teacher retention and recruitment in the future.

The firing of Jacob Lawson comes on the heels of several decisions made by the High Tech Administration that have had a negative impact on the High Tech Performing Arts Program. As parents we are alarmed by what we see as a systematic dismantling of this wonderful program for our students. The actions of the administration speak loudly in the lack concern for the students in the Performing Arts Program and the faculty who spent 20 years building the program from the ground up.