King's Academy: Stop accepting funds from Lockheed Martin

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King’s Academy recently acquired Lockheed Martin as a sponsor for its robotics team. Lockheed Martin is a global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company that provides weapons to the Israeli Air Force. These weapons, especially the missiles, have been used recently in the joint US, French and U.K. missile barrage on Syria.

As a school with a significant connection to Palestine and Syria, we are disgusted by this new sponsorship. This is a misrepresentation of King’s Academy’s mission statement in which students are raised to be “independent, creative, and responsible thinkers within an ethical community that encourages young men and women of diverse backgrounds and beliefs to excel, to cherish one another and to prepare for leadership.” How can we cherish our fellow Syrians and Palestinians while accepting funds from the company that provides the weapons used to kill them? How can we claim to be part of an ethical community when it is this very community that is turning a blind eye to the endorsement of the continuous destabilisation of the Middle East? 

Additionally, the mere fact that Lockheed Martin is a weapons manufacturer and is so directly involved in conflicts all around the world should be reason enough to not accept their donations. A school that advocates peace and the value of dialogue and discussion shouldn't associate itself with a company that profits off of war. 

We demand a retraction of these social media posts, and that the donation is returned.