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Keep River Mill out of Hungary Creek Middle and Glen Allen High

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Dear School Board Members,

Henrico County Public Schools is currently entrenched in a redistricting process for the 2018-19 school year. The primary goal of this redistricting was intended to alleviate overcrowding at Hungary Creek Middle School, which currently sits at 116% capacity. 

In two of the current options for redistricting, River Mill, a future 817 unit subdivision off the Route 1 corridor, would be sent to Hungary Creek Middle School and Glen Allen High School. To accommodate the POTENTIAL residents of this development, CURRENT students from the Hungary Creek community would be disrupted and shifted elsewhere.

We can not support any option for redistricting that sends River Mill to Hungary Creek Middle School and Glen Allen High School.

Approving any plan that feeds River Mill into Hungary Creek Middle School and Glen Allen High School would do the following:

- Divide the current Hungary Creek student population to "hold spots" for residents who have not yet purchased their homes.

- Continue overcrowding. While middle school overcrowding may be alleviated in the short term, adding River Mill to this feeder pattern would set up the potential for future overcrowding from K-12.

- Forecast capacity at Glen Allen High School to jump from 93% currently to OVER 105% by 2024. Hermitage High School, another possible feeder pattern for River Mill, would be at approximately 75% capacity. This school could easily absorb the River Mill population without causing overcrowding.

We ask that the School Board serve the needs of its CURRENT student population. Priority should always be given to the students you already have in your district, not the ones you may gain in the future. 

Furthermore, we implore you to remember that the PRIMARY objective of this redistricting process was to eliminate the overcrowding at Hungary Creek Middle School. It is our hope you do not perpetuate this problem by selecting a plan that creates further overcrowding at any grade level in the future. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

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