Scrap the Wholly Owned Subsidiary

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Anna Milo
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In October Frimley Health NHS Trust plans to create a Wholly Owned Subsidiary, which is privatisation of the NHS by the back door. They want to transfer almost 1,000 cleaners, porters, caterers, security, estates and procurement staff into a private company. No guarantees have been given to these staff about protecting their terms and conditions, new staff will be employed on radically worse pensions and conditions of employment. Subsidiaries also allow trusts to take part in tax avoidance through a VAT loophole.

It has been proven that NHS run services provide better standards and value for money than outsourced services. Patients and the public deserve the best from their local hospitals and the subsidiary would put this at risk.

Frimley Health Trust must think again and stop the breakup of the NHS. They shouldn't be taking money from the pockets of their lowest paid workers. Keep all staff in the NHS, with NHS terms and conditions, and protect these essential local services. Scrap the WOS!