We demand Paul Thomson remains as principal of Kimberley College

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The Kimberley College community demands that Mr Paul Thomson, principal of Kimberley College, remain as principal of the College.

Mr Thomson opened the College in the year 2,000 and has remained as principal ever since. 

Kimberley College is a refuge for children who have been the victims of bullying. Mr Thomson’s zero tolerance of bullying and implementation of this policy provides a safe environment for children to learn. 

Mr Thomson’s multi-age approach has just been acknowledged as the “way of the future” by the Gonski 2.0 review. Mr Thomson has provided multi-age classrooms for students and the teaching of thinking throughout his career! 

Mr Thomson has been in education for over 50 years. His experience and knowledge are irreplaceable and the school community will not accept any attempt to replace Mr Thomson. 

Parents and carers have enrolled students at the College because Mr Thomson is there. 

Without Mr Thomson, there is no Kimberley College. 

Teaching children to be compassionate, considerate, kind adults is something our world desperately needs. Mr Thomson is one of a few leaders in this country committed to making a difference to the minds and souls of future generations. 

The school community believes that a board of directors which does not want Mr Thomson to be principal of the College or who are obstructing Mr Thomson from continuing to operate the College in the way which he always has are not fit to govern our board. The current board lacks an understanding of the College’s philosophy and are clearly unaware of the level of respect for Mr Thomson that staff, students and parents have.

We hereby request that the current board of directors resign from their positions so as the school community can immediately be involved in the election of a new board that we feel is more suitable; a board that can demonstrate a philosophy aligned with that of the school and decision making indicative of the wishes of the parents and students at the College. 

Should the board ignore the request of the school community, we will consider our options at a public meeting next week. 

Current students, past pupils, parents, friends and anyone in our school community is welcome to show their support for our principal.