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Petitioning The Khabele School Board of Trustees

The Board of Directors of The Khabele School: Give the Khabele Community the right to replace the board of directors.

Please watch YouTube video: The Khotso Khabele Story: Finding the Truth, read the Information Packet, and Like us on Facebook at Transparency-for-Khabele. Thank You.                                                                  

This is an urgent matter. A high degree of dysfunction continues to self-perpetuate at the Board level of the Khabele School. Not only did members of the outgoing Board repeatedly violate the bylaws and unlawfully terminate the Executive Director and Founder, they also hand-picked each member of the Board Reconstitution Committee, ensuring a biased approach. Khotso Khabele is still legally on the Board but has been blocked from attending Board meetings or participating in any of the Board decisions. Therefore, the process is inherently flawed and the results are illegitimate.  

The job of a nonprofit is to serve a community. However, when the community being served loses confidence in the capability of the Board to properly govern the organization, the community must act.  The method described here is way to empower the Khabele community to replace the Khabele School Board of Directors with a Board that will serve the community with the original vision of the founders.

We, the Khabele community, must ensure that those who want to serve are not disqualified for not subscribing to the views of those managing the selection process. At the Khabele Town Hall meeting, the entire Board promised to step down, however, they cannot all at once. A nonprofit’s board must always be governed by at least five members.

Below is a method for eliminating bias and ensuring that the new Board is not designed to reflect only the interests and objectives of the outgoing Board. 

There are two types of 501(c3) non-profit organizations: member-based and non-member based.  The Khabele School is a non-member based organization.  If the school temporarily converts the structure of the school from a non-member based to member based non-profit, then the community (parents of students and students over 18) will have a voice in selecting the governing Board with members it trusts to carry out the non-profit's charitable purpose.

Sign this petition requesting a temporary conversion of the structure of the school from a non-member based organization to a member-based organization. Request the outgoing Board to:

1.   Convene a meeting no later than October 16th, 2013
2.   Draft or accept a proposed change to the bylaws defining the qualifications for membership.
3.   Vote at the meeting to change the bylaws of The Khabele School to indicate that the organization is now a member-based organization.

When the Board passes the proposal, The Khabele School community members become Khabele School members with voting rights.  As this petition circulates, the Khabele community will be given instructions for becoming members.  Once the Board has been replaced, the members can vote to re-amend the bylaws to convert the Khabele School back into a non-member based organization. 


Letter to
The Khabele School Board of Trustees
To All Who Serve as Members on The Khabele School Board:

We are formally requesting that you give the Khabele Community the power to replace the Board of Directors.

As a stakeholder in the Khabele Community, we are concerned that the current level of dysfunction and secrecy on the Board level have permeated the rungs of the organization. The current style of operating must stop.

By signing this petition we are demanding a voice and a vote. The direct demand is that all members of the Board convene a meeting to convert the structure of the Khabele School to a member-based nonprofit.

This is generally done by amending the bylaws defining the membership qualifications of the nonprofit.

The qualification for membership should be that an individual is a non-paid member of the community, i.e. parents of a student or a student over 18.

The bylaws should also indicate that said members have the right to vote in matters concerning the constituents on the Board of Directors of The Khabele School.

Furthermore, membership should confer the right to vote on matters concerning the conversion of The Khabele School back into a non-member based nonprofit.

Our families and students deserve to know what has happened and to have a hand in correcting it. And they deserve to have leadership which is aligned with the original vision of the school.

We have organized to empower you, each member of the Board of Directors of the Khabele School to gracefully recuse yourselves. We are doing this to protect the community, the teachers, and the students from the dangers of a Board which has failed to uphold the values and principles upon which the Khabele School was built.

The Khabele Community and Friends