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Change University of Kentucky Hiring Policy for CKMS Employees: Petition for Change

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·CKMS employees are a diverse work force of less than 100 employees. The recent Huron Project expectations are to decrease this number thru attrition, with any new CKMS staff hired coming in as UKHE employees. 

· Unlike the recent acquisition of Samaritan and Eastern State facilities, CKMS employees have mirrored the UKHE benefits since it was established under the name of HCCS (1973) transitioning to CKMS (2004). CKMS board members are UKHE administrators.

·CKMS staff were initially charged to improve cash flow and better manage collection efforts.  Duties have greatly expanded to absorb outsourced positions and other functions PFS was unable to staff, thus decreasing the cost to collect outstanding revenue. 

·Following the Huron realignment, CKMS staff have taken on more UKHE employee responsibilities and now the PFS workforce and CKMS are combined and intertwined.  However, there is no opportunity for advancement or professional growth within the CKMS structure.

·If a CKMS employee wants to advance their career within UKHE, the employee must resign and begin as a new employee.  In order to keep their earned benefits, the employee must retire and is then not eligible for rehire at UKHE. Long-term, experienced employees are deterred from exploring other UKHE career options and career advancement by the existing policy.

We, the undersigned, as concerned employees, urge the UK and CKMS leadership to act now to review and update the hiring policy, in order to allow for CKMS staff to be eligible for hire and move our entire benefits package and work history within the UKHE. 

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