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Petitioning Senator Jeff Flake

The Blue Flag Law: A law to help the victims of domestic violence, instead of the abusers

Because people don't deserve to be afraid in their own homes; home is supposed to be a safe place. Where are you supposed to go when it isn't?

Letter to
Senator Jeff Flake
The law these days is too vague, too confusing, and ineffective in terms of helping victims of domestic violence. With the blue flag law, it is proposed that every instance of domestic violence recorded within CPS, police departments, hospitals, therapy, courts, schools, and shelters be tagged with a blue flag. This will allow the victims to pull evidence of their abuse if/when they take the abuser to court, and it will also allow courts, CPS, etc. to better judge a situation without interfering on privacy.

Home is supposed to be a safe place. But right now, the law isn't protecting those that it needs to. Where are you supposed to go, when home isn't an option?