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Facebooks White Supremacist Scheme

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Facebook is suspressing afrocentric information on Facebook by unnecessarily banning people, pages and groups that focus primarily on providing black Americans with information. especially positive information or information that exposes police brutality. These bans happen without warning or debate and often times leaves black users confused if Facebook has a white supremacist agenda. 

This is upsetting because before social media, black Americans had little to none media organizations that focus primarily on the problems and the success in the black community. Instead we were forced to digest information from Fox News and other Eurocentric platforms who constantly show black Americans as antagonist.

Mark Zuckerberg is systematically suppressing information to black user by idlyly standing by and doing nothing while this clear form of racism takes place within his company. If you stand with The Black Community and against racism, sign this petition and share. 


Thank you. 

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