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Petitioning CEO, Norfolk Southern Charles Moorman

The Big Railroads (Conrail and Norfolk Southern): It's Time for Fairness for Rail Crew Drivers.

Pay at poverty levels. Years without an increase. No paid time off. Excessive fatigue. These are conditions for Renzenberger rail crew drivers in the Norfolk Southern and Contrail yards in New Jersey and Ohio. It's not fair, and it's not safe. It's time for the big railroads to take responsibility! We call on the big railroads to tell Renzenberger to bargain in good faith for a union contract that improves conditions for its drivers.

Letter to
CEO, Norfolk Southern Charles Moorman
It's time to take responsibility for what's happening in your rail yards. Conditions for rail crew drivers are abysmal, unfair and unsafe. We call on you to tell your subcontractor, Renzenberger, to bargain in good faith for a union contract to improve conditions for drivers in your New Jersey and Ohio yards.

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