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The Berkeley California Police Department: STOP HARASSING ME !!!!!!!

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Everyone has the right to do process, in the past six years i have been taking care of my mother who is Disabbled and wheelchair bound. Since the day i arrived in California i have been accused of threatening my sister and attempting to kill my mother because she couldn't get what she wanted from the grocery store," 2 Packs of Cookies, A large doubled layer Cake, and a pack of Ribs," this is only a few of the accusations by my mother who also suffers from Severe Mental and Emotional issues. I took my mother to get a Brain Scan and discovered that her Brain has reduced in size because of her Multiple Sclerosis, the Police were made aware of this condition but they've pay no mind to any evidence that's been presented to them. To them we are Guilty toys/lives to Play with!!!!!!

They placed cameras outside my home, sencors, and even a tracker on my car. When i come outside my home they zoom down the street two at a time, they cut me off on the Freeway, they've chased my down the street. One comes down Cedar st and the other down Ninth st. QUESTION????  What does this resolve? How does this help my mother? 

When i was 9 years old i tried to get my mother and brother help, i went to DCFS Department of Children and Family Services in Chicago to get help for my brother who was being abused by my sister, ( I WENT THREE TIMES ) and no one would listen. When i was 16 my sister asked a gang to kill me because i was protecting my mother from her, and for my efforts a bullet grazed my leg. A year later a friend and i stopped my sister from slitting my mothers throat.

I'm now 50 years old and for the last 41 years i have attemped to get help for my mother but to no avail, and now im being HARRASSED and she has yet to receive any help. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! And now im going to challenge the Berkeley Police even if it cost me my life.

So why are they following me? Why are they Tracking me? If our lives mean so little to the Police then why are we paying them? 

This is important because they are abusing there power as officers of the law and once again the system has failed to help my mother. 

Mental health issues are real and now we have a opportunity to take a stand for my family and many others as families as well, but Harassment is not the answer and now Berkeley Police must confront there own issues, and perhaps they too have some officers with Mental Issues.

But Stop Harassing Me, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

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