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Elect not to renew Dr. Judith Houle's contract

There have been numerous incidents over the past few years that have raised serious concerns with numerous parents in the Belchertown Public School system. These incidents, include but are not limited to, the non-support of a high school coach resulting in his resignation, the lack of communication with parents regarding issues of student safety, the refusal to act when issues of bullying have arisen, and interactions behind the scene that have resulted in two recent resignations of school administrators. It has become evident that Dr. Houle is not an ally to the parents of this community in promoting a safe, nurturing environment in which our children can be educated, but instead finds excuses for not acting when parents come to her with concerns. As an employee of the Belchertown Public Schools, Dr. Houle is paid with our tax dollars and should be expected to answer to the citizens of this community when questions arise regarding the decisions that she makes within her position. Time after time she has made poor decisions in reaction to situations regarding students' safety and well being. It is for that reason that we, citizens of the town of Belchertown, ask that you do not renew her contract.

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