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Petitioning President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and 6 others

The Belarusian Government, The City of Minsk: Stop the walling in of cats to die in Minsk, Belarus.

Because it is cruel to seal cats into basements to die an agonizing death of starvation and thirst when authorities could easily make sure there are no animals in the basements before sealing them up.

This petition was delivered to:
  • President of Belarus
    Alexander Lukashenko
  • Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus
    House of Government
  • Press Secretary of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus
    Olga Dolgaya
  • Mayor of Minsk
    Mikalai Ladutska
  • Prime minister of Belarus
    Mikhail Myasnikovich
  • Government of the city of Minsk
    To whom it may concern
  • Government of the region of Minsk
    To who it may concern

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