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Ever since the lockdown was declared due to COVID-19 from the 22nd March 2020 onwards, the beauty industry has come to a standstill.

We as Make-up artists and Hairstylists work in close proximity with our clients and with social distancing in effect we see an extremely dim prospect of us working anytime soon. SIGN THE PETITION

Salon owners, as well as Make-up and hair artists, are expected to pay salaries of their staff irrespective of the influx of income.

As make-up and hair artists our jobs entail us to be physically present with our clients and hence working from home isn’t an option. TWEET and HELP

Loan installments, Utility bills, Taxes, and our personal household expenses are already taking a toll on us, as our industry functions only on a booked assignment basis.

Most importantly, with Hygiene being a pivotal part of the beauty industry and due to the recent surge in infections we don’t see any respite in the near future.

The beauty business has grown exponentially in the last decade generating massive revenue within India and is the backbone for various multilevel entrepreneurs that depend on this industry for their livelihood. The subsequent losses that we will incur will have direct reverberations on both; the Indian & Global economy as a whole.

With most of us being sole breadwinners in our families it is getting impossible to meet daily expenses. Share on Whatsapp with 5 of your friends.

On behalf of our entire make-up and hair industry, we request you to intervene and formulate a relief package for us. (Rents, Instalments, Taxes - GST, license fees, profession tax/income tax)

Timely Support from the government will be highly appreciated

Petition initiated by :
Mr. Uday Takke 
Mr. Vipul Bhagat & 
Mrs. Bianca Louzado

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