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Surely it is time that Dr Who actually had bona-fide medical qualifications?

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While some are having sexist tantrums over the gender of a fictional alien space doctor (of whom, we have no idea about the impact, if any, of their gender, sex or sexuality on their own fictional planet of Gallifrey), I think it is about time that we pay attention to the real issue with this so-called 'entertainment series' - what qualifications does the Doctor have to call themselves a doctor?

Have they had any medical training at all? Have they been seriously and dangerously underpaid and overworked as a junior doctor? Are they still members of the BMA or is it all a rouse and they don't even have a first aid certificate from St John's ambulance?

Perhaps they are an academic doctor in another field. If so, what qualifications do they have and where were they accredited? If so, did they pay fees or did they get a free education like the politicians that introduced fees did?

While the gender, race, religion (if any), physical ability, sexuality, nationality or age of the Doctor should not be of any concern with anyone that claims to be an adult (it isn't a problem for adults not threatened by female fictional characters or, for that matter, children), it is vital that the questions of academic qualifications are answered in order for this made-up programme to be taken seriously. 

Please support and share in order to madden those that claim 'political correctness' has gone made.

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