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The BBC must STOP publishing Front Pages of "News" Papers and Tabloids.

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Every night, the BBC publishes the front pages of the so called "News" papers for the following morning.

This is done in various ways, such as via Twitter using scans of the papers front pages which are then Tweeted out of the Twitter account @hendopolis, who is (according to the Twitter account) BBC Newsdesk and Planning editor.

The same images are then also Tweeted from the official Twitter account of the BBC News (UK), @BBCNews account.

The front pages are further used as talking points in various other BBC programs across it's Television and Radio networks.

The BBC are clearly not doing anything to verify the accuracy of ANY of the stories in the Headlines of these papers, since they are published by the BBC around 10pm on the night before their release in the morning.  

The various papers are also each known for following particular political agendas, which brings into question whether showing them via the BBC's "Impartial News" network is appropriately in the Public Interest, as they most certainly serve to sway public opinion on many issues, in one way or another.

The BBC showing these Unverified, often biased, often misleading, often sensationalist and often divisive front pages under the guise of "News", is a total disservice to the intelligent Public, who can, 'IF' they so wish, go out and buy the papers for themselves in the morning.  Furthermore, what the BBC is doing, is ADVERTISING these "News" papers for FREE.

The BBC should put a STOP to the publishing, advertising and further sensationalizing these papers and tabloids.

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