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Create a documentary to educate people on every aspect of pregnancy.

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We would like the BBC to create a documentary to show all aspects of pregnancy - good and bad.
This is something that is extremely close to our hearts and should be that of every mother.
There are loads of things that can go wrong during and after pregnancy that doesn't make the news. Us personally have suffered: body dysmorphia, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, Vitamin B12 & D deficiencies, septacemia, hernias and a lot more. These were two bad pregnancies in particular but there are other people out there that suffer complications with either themselves or their children during and after pregnancy. To name a few: pre-eclampsia, anaemia, gestational diabetes, all of which can occur during pregnancy at any age.
Not only are there physical complications, but there are mental ones too.
We would like the documentary to cover things such as: pregnancy in general, miscarriages, abortions, adoptions, underage pregnancies, medical complications, mental impacts, disabilities etc.
We want this to be covered using real people and their stories about their experiences, difficulties and raising children with problems. This is to show people that pregnancy isn't always as simple as 9 months later you and baby are happy and healthy.
There is also the aspect of people having loads of children and claiming benefits and then not looking after their offspring. This is causing a lot of problems in Britain today and we want to make a change. After all, a baby is for life, not just for benefits!
From this petition we hope to gain support to educate everyone of all ages on everything that must be considered! If we can achieve just making one person think about the reality of having a baby, thats a success.
If the BBC agree to doing this documentary then we will be petitioning to the Board of Education to try to get this as part of the curriculum along with sex education.
Please help us raise awareness and make a difference.
Thank you :-).
Tru & Beth.

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