BBC Studios - Withdraw Your Interest From The London Resort

BBC Studios - Withdraw Your Interest From The London Resort

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The BBC’s Greener Broadcasting Policy says that the BBC wants to achieve “A positive environmental impact”

"Environmental issues effect us all and as a publicly funded organisation we have a responsibility to act to limit our impact. Our audience expect us to lead this way"

We ask that BBC Studios considers all the listed concerns below from various wildlife charities and individuals and agrees that for the BBC to be taking an interest in such a wildlife damaging planning application would go against its own Green Policy values and so therefore withdraws its interest from the London Resort Theme Park with immediate effect.

The RSPB has called Swanscombe Peninsula:
 “An outstanding mosaic of grasslands, wetlands, scrub, intertidal habitats and brownfield features .. in urgent need of designating as an SSSI

Buglife: “This outstanding assemblage is of national importance ranking with our best invertebrate brownfield sites.... we can’t let such a precious site be lost

Plantlife:  “We fully support Buglife’s led campaign to protect Swanscombe Marshes. The site is home to Nationally scarce plants including Man Orchid

Kent Wildlife Trust: “The theme park is expected to destroy 76 hectares of priority habitat which forms a vital part of the ecological network of the Thames Estuary. The loss would be equivalent to losing our entire Oare Marshes nature reserve.

Sir David Attenborough:  "If we put nature at the heart of all our decisions we would make a big difference”

Published by Laura Edie on behalf of Save Swanscombe Peninsula group 

4,006 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!