Future of Nuriootpa War Memorial Pool

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With Barossa Councils announcement on 15th September 2020 in relation to their plans to close Nuriootpa War Memorial Pool at the end of the season in April 2021, due to a number of factors that are not clear or explained to the community in a transparent and logical way and without community consultation, the successive outrage and plain disappointment has become clear by the community input on various facebook pages that have shared the press release.

This reaction is understandable when the implications of this decision are considered. The Nuriootpa War Memorial Pool has been an institution for the community of not only Nuriootpa but the wider Barossa region and beyond for over 70 years. NOT only is it a piece of the history and heritage of the area but it is also the home to many childhood memories, providing hours of fun and recreation for young and old within the community, as well as being a venue for many groups to use for various activities and fundraisers.

It is currently the only alternative pool for many that live within the local vicinity, I.e Teenagers and those that do not have the means to travel outside the main town of Nuriootpa.  It provides relief for many within the community during our warmer months that do not have access to home pools, or for those with health conditions that cannot use an indoor pool.

The surrounding grounds are a peaceful and relaxed  environment that is the envy of many, and is one of a kind in the tranquillity it provides.

With this in mind, which is only scratching the surface in relation to what the community stands to lose, I hearby propose a petition by the community of The Barossa Council residents on The Barossa Council to reconsider their decision. Also we demand that The Barossa Council provide the community with valid, understandable and transparent reasons for any decision in relation to Nuriootpa War Memorial Pool Closure, along with their proposed alternative to replace what is a valuable and neccesary community asset.


"We the undersigned petition The Barossa Council As above"