Fair access to support and resources for LPC students at De Montfort University

Fair access to support and resources for LPC students at De Montfort University

2 March 2021
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The Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon OBE (Chancellor, De Montfort University) and 2 others
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Started by Anon Student

The level of support and resources for LPC students offered by De Montfort University had been unreasonably reduced yet the university is still demanding payment of full fees 

Students signed up to the course on the promise that full course materials would be provided yet after the start of term, and after payment towards the fees had been taken from us, the university announced they would not be providing hard copy books.  This decision was taken unilaterally and to refuse to provide materials after taking monies from students is unreasonable and unethical. Students feel that they have been treated unreasonably and unfairly. 

After months of complaints from students, and a number of changes in the reason from the university about why books were not being provided, the university finally decided that this was due to covid and then agreed to provide books. However, months on from that reversal and after the students have been prejudiced by not having hard copy materials available in examination, this promise has still not been delivered upon and books have still not been received by the first year students.

Additionally despite the part time students only being in university only once a month, our limited learning time is absorbed with prerecorded sessions reducing our access to tutors. The part time students' request for weekend revision sessions has been refused by the course led despite the students paying for a part time weekend course.

The support offered to part time LPC students is significantly less than full time students despite the full timers being offered a substantial reduction on fees for returning students which is not available to part time students. The part timers therefore pay greater fees for less support than full time students.

The approach taken to concerns raised by students had lead to a loss of confidence in the university and has shown contempt and arrogance towards fee paying students.

De Montfort University should urgently provide the course materials promised to the students when they signed up to the course, ensure that there is parity of support and resources with the full time students and provide all LPC students with a reduction in fees given the significant failings in delivery of the course. 

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Signatures: 28Next Goal: 50
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