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The Barking Dog: College Park: End the use the "Shut up N take it" stamp and publicly apologize

The use of this stamp promotes rape culture and makes light of consent.

Letter to
The Barking Dog: College Park
Dear Barking Dog proprietors,
It has recently come to our attention that you are utilizing a stamp with the text “Shut up, N take it” to show proof of age. This is disgusting. This is dangerous. This is rape culture. This promotes the notion that jokes about consent are acceptable. They are not. Perhaps the text is meant to be light hearted or a sport metaphor. It is not. Sexual assault is rampant on campus and even small acts like the use of this stamp adds social norms that ignore, accept and condone rape. The use of this stamp in a bar is especially problematic. Alcohol is often present in many sexual assaults and often blurs the line of consent. Consent is the explicit use of the word “yes” to signify comfort and can be taken away at any time. Consent is not being too drunk to say no. Consent is not shutting up and taking it.

We the undersigned beseech you to stop the use of this stamp immediately. Moreover, we demand that you issue a public apology to the campus community for your propagation of rape culture and for disrespecting sexual assault survivors.

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