Urge 'The Barbican' Bars to go Single Use Plastic Free in 2019!

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The Barbican waste on average more than 364,000 single use plastic cups every year. 1000's are handed out at the venue bars for the events every single day. 

Sign this petition to end single use plastic at the Barbican for good!

"Concerns around health & safety have caused single-use plastic cups to become an all too common sight in bars across the UK. They may protect us from the immediate hazard of broken glass, but they create a much greater threat to our long-term health – plastic pollution." A quote from the City of London's 'Plastic Free City Initiative' alternative to plastic cups information pack.

The City of London Corporation is the founder and principal funder of the Barbican centre why then has nothing been done 'within' it's own corporation that is at the forefront of change with the 'Plastic Free City' campaign?


The Barbican is according to their website, "A world-class arts and learning centre, the Barbican pushes the boundaries of all major art forms including dance, film, music, theatre and visual arts" but yet can't find a re-usable cup scheme to implement in there venue bars? 

Sign the Petition to Urge the Barbican centre and The City of London to end single use plastic within their corporation and borough.

The significance the Barbican could have leading the way with the City of London initiative for a 'Plastic Free City' is shrugged off by management as merely too much of an Inconvenience to staff. That there affluent clientele will bork at the very idea of a re-usable cup returns scheme? Yet the reality is that the state of the planet is an inconvenient truth and each individuals responsibility.

Sign this Petition to Urge the Barbican Centre and The City of London Corporation to end the dependence on Single Use Cups all together.

In addition to the petition you can personally email Head of Commercial Development Adrian.Morgan@barbican.org.uk Bars Management at the Barbican centre to escalate the issue from within contact Nathan.Palmer@barbican.org.uk and  Barsmanagement@barbican.org.uk directly, share this on social media and twitter.