Save the prestigious "Dr.Ambedkar govt law college,chennai"- a national treasure.

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The heritageous Dr.Ambedkar Govt law college,chennai is located adjacent to the Madras Highcourt campus.This colonial built prestigious legal institution compraising of 1500 students has been serving the nation for 126 years in making many leaders,presidents,judges including CJI and Supreme court and high court judges ,politicians,activists and leading advocates and many honoraries.It is now at a miserable state and the campus depriving of its landmark location,heritage and its importance is being shifted to two remote villages at Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur district very far away from the present campus at chennai.This is done without the knowledge and the sanctions of the Bar council of India which is unjust.

There is no proper transport,no safety for girls who comprise about 60% of the pupils,secluded from the city,no essential structures such as Hospitals,eateries,public access and not even a tea shop near the campus.It will take about 2hours to reach the new campus from the present one and also to note that more than 70% of the students are from poor and middle classes who cannot afford to travel such long distance daily .The students are also deprived of their right to study at chennai ,their internship and court exposure oppertunities without any reasonable explanations which can cause irreperable loss to them.No intimation was given to the students and no consent was brought from them and the shifting process is being carried out inspite of pendency of cases in  the Madras Highcourt.Don't we have the right to fair and affordable legal studies?

Thus,we the students of this eroding history beg to join hands to save this national treasure.