Justice for Clinton: Review of the trial & mobile phone driving laws in Jersey

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Justice for Clinton: Review of the trial & mobile phone driving laws in Jersey

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Handsoff started this petition to The Bailiff of Jersey and

3 year old Clinton Pringle was on holiday in the Channel Islands of Jersey.

Clinton was approaching a park with his mum and auntie when he was struck by a van. Clinton sadly died 3 days later.

The woman driving the vehicle admitted to using her mobile phone shortly before she struck Clinton but was cleared by the Jurats, not a jury and pleaded guilty to death by careless driving. The woman behind the wheel received just a suspended sentence for her crime.

The Pringle family along with the Handsoff charity firmly believe that the driver was guilty of dangerous driving. The States of Jersey police did not bring this case to the courts lightly and continue to highlight the dangers of  drivers using mobile phones, There is a real belief that the outcome of the trial was a miscarriage of justice and we hope to get the case reviewed.

There are currently no real deterrents to prevent drivers from using a mobile phone whilst driving; there are no penalty points, minimal fines, and have we have recently seen, no penalties for taking the lives of innocent Children.

The Pringle family are calling for a legislative change to Jersey driving laws that would at the very least equal those found on the UK mainland.

Please support the Pringle family and help bring about justice and a change in Jersey law to prevent such horrific incidents from taking place again in the future.

We have recently setup a Facebook page to gather support which can be found via the link below.

Please sign this petition and support the Pringle family by joining the Justice for Clinton Facebook group.

Many thanks,

Paul Newman


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This petition had 8,293 supporters

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