Marvin Dames has to go!

Marvin Dames has to go!

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Ashton Ferguson started this petition to The Bahamas and

The search for the missing pilot Byron Ferguson was terribly negligent, inefficient, and inadequate. The scrutiny placed on the events surrounding the search and rescue, reveals clearly the lack luster and nonchalant attitudes of authorities who are never held accountable for their actions.

Only when we as Bahamians begin to hold persons accountable will we be able to effect change.


On the night of Thursday 08 November 2018, Captain Byron Ferguson was involved in a  plane crash less than two miles off the NW coast of New Providence into shallow waters around 8.30/9 pm.

The official search and rescue team responded and WAS SUCCESSFUL IN LOCATING THE PLANE. The tail was visible above the water.

Nothing was done to secure or track the plane.

No divers were sent into the water that night.

The search was called off with Assisstant Commissioner of Police Leamond Deleveaux going to the news announcing same before 11.30 pm. Leamond Deleveaux was the head of the investigation into the crash.

His stated reason for calling off the search is that it is dark.

In the morning at sunrise, the RBDF sent in four divers who were unable to locate the plane at the crash site.

The family criticized the search and rescue efforts.

The Minister of National Security Marvin Dames indicates that he was taken aback by the complaints of the family and went on to defend the search and rescue efforts of the authorities instead of looking into the facts.

The Minister of National Security Marvin Dames indicated publicly to the media that no flight plan was filed for the plane (as if a flight plan has anything to do with search and rescue efforts.)

The FAA and Bahamian Civil Aviation Authorities confirmed that a flight plan WAS FILED for the flight.

Mr Dames has never retracted his statement or apologized.

One week later, on 15 November 2018, a local group of good-willing civilians headed by the group HeadKnowles went to the crash site with 18 persons inclusive of 12 divers and located significant portions of the plane about 600 ft from the crash site in waters about 70 to 80 feet.

Among items recovered were a wet, crumpled up document believed to be, guess what? The flight plan for the trip!

Minster Marvin Dames, you came to the media and publicly defended the investigation and search and rescue operation headed by ACP Leamond Deleveaux. The Bahamian public at large found the search and rescue effort negligent and incompetent. So basically, we The Bahamian people have recognized that if these organizations are to have change effected, they need new leadership, as you are satisfied with the status quo.

Minister Marvin Dames, it was unbecoming of you, inappropriate, incompetent, negligent, and insensitive to the grieving family members of Byron Ferguson, for you to come out and basically make a blatantly false statement that no flight plan was filed for the flight.

Therefore, Minister of National Security, Mr Marvin Dames, we the Bahamian people need you to resign or be fired.

We need change. Not the status quo.

Accountability breeds Responsibility.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!