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Kristie for bachelor season 22

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We all strongly believe that Kristie Mewis should be a contestant on the bachelor in season 22. Why you ask?

Her personality is one that can not be matched. Her masshole ways have created a complete savage and a person who has no time stupidity. She is also very petty when it comes to Sam and Steph. Just imagine what she would be like on the show. The amount of quality content that would be produced from just Kristie alone would blow the shows ratings through the roof.also have you seen her?!? She is a goddess. Kratchet could make anyone fall in love with her.

Although she's still deciding on what type of role she would play. Will she be the villain?, or the shark girl? Or the dark horse, or the absolute sweet heart. I think it's safe to say as soon as she's on the show her competitive nature will shine through and lead her to victory.

Another point is that kratchet can give us the opportunity to see behind the scenes of the bachelor and give us the real scoop on what's going on. It would take sporting chic live streams to a whole new level. And maybe just maybe. Kristie can get more views being live then Steph can.

these are 3 of 7372629 reason why Kristie mewis should go on the bachelor. Or even be the bachelorette... who knows.

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