Australian Senate Inquiry into Crocodile Management in North Queensland

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We, the undersigned residents of North Queensland , urge you to use your legislative power to hold a Senate Inquiry on the Management of Crocodiles in North Queensland.

An effective crocodile management strategy requires a balanced approach. The current strategy is biased towards protecting the lives of crocodiles over human life. The increase in crocodile numbers in populated areas not only endangers human life but also adversely and significantly affects the way North  Queenslanders live and their way of life.  Lifesaving, rowing and ski clubs are struggling because crocodiles are driving their members away. The tradition of children become surf lifesavers is under threat in the North because parents are afraid for their children. Clubs have reported a 13 per cent fall in registration among five- to 13-year-olds. Nearly 40 per cent of parents who were asked said that they have taken their children out of the junior lifesaving program because of concerns over crocodiles.