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Let's bring about taxation fairness for all Australians

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To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned respectively request that:

the Senate acts and directs the Federal Government to undertake immediate steps to address the gross and growing inequality embedded in our taxation system.

The evidence of social inequality is apparent in the disparity between the PAYE system and the corporate tax system. The superannuation system, tax breaks on dividends and constructions are made possible by current laws and legal structures. They protect those whose objective is tax avoidance and who have the funds to enable it. Corporations cherry pick tax breaks and incentives to minimise their tax. Assertions of the need for corporate incentives and business tax reductions are not in the interest of the whole population. 

This inequality, enabled by the government through continued inaction, only maintains the status quo.

Greed, corruption and complicity are values promoted as fundamental to achieving growth. The attitude of ‘whatever it takes’ means corporate control is maintained. Overwhelming evidence has shown that inequality in society grows because of taxation structures and government policies.

We the petitioners respectively request senators to take action, and bring about taxation justice by implementing a fairer taxation system where corporations pay their equal share, and where the tax burden does not fall unequally on lower income earners.

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