BAN Fireman calendars across Australia for promoting unrealistic body standards

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Collective Shout, who have recently had People and Picture magazine banned from service stations across Australia, are my heroes. And as the champion of equality that I am, I've decided that it's time to stamp out all sexualization of human beings, in the name of equality. And if they are truly about equality, they'll join my cause whole-heartedly. 

So fireman calendars, eh? Why not. We have all been pestered by those guys in the middle of shopping centres, trying to hock off those calendars of shirtless men, with bodies that are unattainable without living an unhealthy steroid-based lifestyle. These are true representations of unrealistic bodily standards, and I expect feminists to agree. I also expect the commonfolk to be enraged by the fact that sexualized imaged of men are being peddled in the middle of shopping centres like pieces of meat. The female gaze on men and the effect it has needs to end, NOW. 


And as we all know, real men have back hair and curves. 


So I propose it is time to end this barbaric practice of selling images of men's unrealistic bodies for the sexual consumption of women. It is time to right these wrongs in our society together. Feminists, will you stand with us? 


Please sign if YOU want to see an end to this degrading practice.