Scott Morrison should resign as PM

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Scott Morrison and his cohort have proven to be some of the biggest environmental vandals in human history, with an unempathetic indifference to the suffering caused by his own party's corruption, mismanagement and downright denial of the biggest threat to existence facing us today. 

Enough is enough. Two and a half more years of this government could mean the end of Australian civilisation as we know it. The subsequent decline in critical resources like food and water as a result of climate change are not being taken seriously and will result in civil unrest, chaos and lawlessness. The destruction of habitats is happening so rapidly they may never recover, and we are now watching this unfold.

They do not care about us, we now know for a fact. Their measures are always reactionary and never planned. We cannot stand idly by while they embezzle our taxes, rort the populace, ignore our voices and destroy our future. We will not be silenced and left to die while they stand to profit from our misery. It is time to resist and take back the power. 

We want climate action now. 100% renewables by 2030 and 100% carbon free economy by 2050. It is attainable, just not with the people in power now.