ANU Sexual Violence Call to Action

ANU Sexual Violence Call to Action

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Why this petition matters

It’s 2021 and the ANU is still failing to protect survivors. We are entitled to safety, comfort and a welcoming campus. The ANU betrays student trust every day that they don’t keep their promises to survivors.

On the 1st of August 2017, the Australian Human Rights Commission released the ‘Change the Course’ Report exposing the shocking scale of SASH incidents on Australian University Campuses. ANU ranked 1st for sexual harrassment and 2nd for sexual assault nationally.

The 2017 AHRC report, followed by the 2018 Nous Review, the 2019 Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy, and countless more, are overflowing with promises made, and broken, by the ANU. 

These promises are made to protect the community and stand with survivors - every broken promise contributes to the acceptance of violent behaviour, leaves women feeling unsafe, and renders support services useless to survivors.

On August 1st (and 2nd), the university has scheduled significant events to undermine and distract from the annual protest. We will continue to fight against institutional betrayal and show solidarity with survivors of sexual violence. 

By signing this petition you join the ANU Women’s Department, ANUSA, PARSA, and the IHC in standing with survivors and against the ANU’s consistent betrayal of students. 

We demand:

1. That the ANU apologise for the grave injustice of failing to uphold promises made over the past 4 years.
2. That the ANU commit to fully funding the RRU to fulfill its purpose as a “one-stop shop” for all SASH issues on campus, including prevention, response, and case management. Survivors deserve to have a dedicated service on campus.
3. That the ANU immediately develop a Cultural Action Plan with clear actionables and timelines. Without community contribution, a sexually violent culture is unchangeable.
4. That the ANU stop prioritising reputation and centre survivor needs in their decision-making by increasing transparency and releasing data as promised.
5. That the ANU take responsibility for their failure to listen to the needs of survivors, and immediately identify oversight and accountability mechanisms, both within the RRU and within the University Executive. When something is everyone’s job but no one’s responsibility, nothing happens.
6. That the ANU commits to redressing every single broken promise from the 2021 Broken Promises Report (

To survivors, we believe you, we support you, always and forever. The ANU claims to listen to our concerns; to hear our voices; to understand our distress - if that is the case, then we demand action, now.

No more broken promises.


839 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!