Legalise CBD Oil for medical use in Australia

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HI Everyone, I am Jessie a single mum with a special needs child and need all of your help!!!!

I am asking you all as Parents/Family to open your hearts and eyes. my son has ADHD and Autism and it has been so hard. words can’t describe the pain we both have been through together � �

I am currently trying to legalize CBD Oil for children with special needs I.e. autism ADHD & need support.

I am the first person to write a letter to our MPs/health minister/government and we really need to research this miracle oil & shout out!

It's legal in 50 states, but not in Australia. We do have trials in Victoria, Perth children hospital & Queensland. WHAT ABOUT NSW!!!

The only reason I’ve been told by a pediatrician its not legal yet! is because we need to do our own research. In years to come it will be legalized, why are we waiting?? Why are their no trials in NSW!!

I find it hard to believe because we follow America with most things i.e. War, Microsoft etc..

There is so much proof out there, and we give a blind eye to it! For all of you who knows me, know the struggles of daily life! My son is basically nonverbal and there have been trials of this oil and after 2 days of use, that boy could speak a full sentence.... That would be winning lotto to me.... #SHOUTOUTCBDOIL

I am sure America's scientist and doctors are not stupid to just hand out this oil without hard evidence!

The Pediatrician hands out Ritalin Risperdal to a 5-year-old so easily yet the site effects long term a terrible & inhumane.

Risperdal can make you put on so much weight & can grow up to a size D breast and 3% of those boys get breast reductions! And the weight is impossible to get off even after using this drug!

Ritalin uses Dopamine/Endorphins and when you grow up after long term treatment, your brain no longer can produce this on its own and that's when meth "can" become a drug abuse its true �.

What would you do if this was your child?

I've been researching for too long and can't believe I am the first person to write a letter to our government!

I don't use marijuana and totally against it due to my mother with schizophrenia, all my life I've been told not to smoke or I’ll get this illness!

So, I never touched it! I am also ADHD and always heightened to the point I can’t sit still or enjoy a book �

I want to spread this awareness for families. it’s so important we look after each other and not be scared to reach out!

wishing you and your family's the very best � �

I have added just a couple of Australia's clinics down below please take the time into this it’s important for all of us who suffer! And all my research will be attached in comments below...

This has been the hardest thing i have ever done! and i can't stay silent no longer!! For those of you who don't know me, now you do!!!

All i am asking is for everyone to email the Health Minister "Brad Hazzard". I can provide a email with all research and cover letter, to make it easier and time effective, or your welcome write your own & send to the email address provided below;

Or sign this petition please...


Thank you all for your time :-)

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