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Endometriosis has debilitated our lives long enough with no cure or help, my pain is real.

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I'm 29, I have been suffering with unknown pains that are debilitating since I was in primary school only to be told that it's normal, only to be ignored, now that it's closer to being too late with all the damage being done I'm now being told that my fertility chances have lessened dramatically.

I am in such excruciating pain constantly and I'm on a waiting list for an operation,  being told that what I have or may have (endometriosis)has no cure but can only be treated with endless pain medication and continued operations. This triggers multiple other health factors my body such as my migraines which are also just as and if not more debilitating. But basically I just have to deal with it and be quite about it.  These treatment options only weakens my body but all I want is to be healthy and strong, I want that choice.

I want to work, I want to have a life with my family and friends, I want to have my own family, and I don't want to be isolated in bed all the time and then to be told it's just cramps.

There needs to be more help with this and more education as younger girls don't deserve to grow up to also feel like it's all in their heads, like I've been made to believe all my life. All of these girls that we raise we wish for them to grow strong and not to feel like they are alone or that they are the only ones feeling this pain as this disease is just as common as diabetes. Stop teaching our girls that it is taboo to talk about our pain, and society that if you can't see our pain that is not real. We deserves a fighting chance to make something of ourselves as well, and to have a real life. 

Stop giving us the cold shoulder.



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